Let me help you with all aspects of your golf game:


*Special programs for the experienced golfer

No matter your golfing ability, whether you are a beginner, an accomplished player, junior, senior, man or woman, you will get more out of your lesson and take your game to the next level faster and less complicated than you ever imagined.

Based on the Manuel de la Torre system of swinging the club, I use methods that will get you started in golf, or back on track easier than any other lesson. The swing is just a simple backward and forward motion, and we let our body respond to that motion. None of the "Keep you head down, left arm straight, right elbow tucked, weight shift back, weight shift forward" nonsense that is difficult to understand, let alone feel.

I offer both private and semi-private instruction, as well as special programs developed to correct the experienced golfer's slice (guaranteed!) and a "stroke saver" course to help you knock strokes of of your score almost immediately. Please click on the navigation bar on the left to learn more about these programs, including prices.

A little about me:

I returned to Arizona in 1997 after spending 23 years in Germany. The last eight of those years were at the U.S. Army's Rheinblick Golf Course. After returning to the Valley of The Sun, I was Director of Instruction at the Scottsdale Golf Center, and Head Professional at a small golf course/practice facility in Mesa. I now teach by appointment only at Rio Salado Golf Course in Tempe. I believe that golf and golf lessons should be fun and affordable.

To book your lesson call Mike Caraway at (602) 810-9151 or send me an E-Mail.