One of the worst feelings in golf is to watch your ball go sailing off line and into trouble because of a slice. The slice is not only an ugly thing to watch, but it also robs you of distance, and an ability to score well. The slice has cursed golfers since the beginning of time. The slice affects over 90% of the playing public, and it attacks people of all abilities. The thing about a slice is, the more you try to compensate for it, the worse it becomes. There are 19 different types of slices, and some are harder to correct than others. Most slicers have resigned themselves to being stuck with a slice, and make adjustments accordingly, thus destroying any hope of consistency and scoring ability.

For only $50.00*, I can cure your slice forever!

In fact, I am so sure that I can cure your slice that I will guarantee it! My "No-Slice" program is not a gimmick, but solid instructional methods that will help you understand why you slice, and how to over come it.

Here is how the program works:

You call me to set up an hour lesson (private one-on-one). During this hour, I will teach you why you are slicing, and what we have to do to overcome it. I will give you some drills to work on. The following week, we will set up a second lesson to check on your progress. From this point on, you will be hitting the ball with more accuracy than ever before. If your slice should re-appear, call me for another lesson/observation session at no additional charge to you! No limit to the number of follow up lessons!

In order for this program to help you achieve your goal of not slicing, I need your total commitment. You will be asked to spend some time on the range for the first week or two and if your fundementals are incorrect, I will help you to correct them.

* Plus range ball costs payable to Rio Salado Golf Course.